My Father's Daughter: A Memoir

My Father s Daughter A Memoir A startling and affectionate portrait of an American entertainment legend by his youngest daughter who writes about the man and his life and about the many people who surrounded him wives friends

  • Title: My Father's Daughter: A Memoir
  • Author: Tina Sinatra Jeff Coplon
  • ISBN: 9780684870762
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A startling and affectionate portrait of an American entertainment legend by his youngest daughter, who writes about the man and his life, and about the many people who surrounded him wives, friends, lovers, users and sycophants.

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    1. Tina Sinatra Jeff Coplon

      Tina Sinatra Jeff Coplon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Father's Daughter: A Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Tina Sinatra Jeff Coplon author readers around the world.

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    1. Oh my. The claws come out scratching in this one. YES! This is why we read celebrity memoirs! You go, Tina! I want to buy another exclamation point!There are dozens upon dozens of books about Francis Albert Sinatra, but if you can start with Frank: The Voice, which tells us about his early life, then segue into Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra, which provides us the middle years, and then end with this dilly from Tina Sinatra, you would have all you need. I gobbled this volume right up, as Fran [...]

    2. This book, written by Frank Sinatra’s youngest child, is a fascinating insight into the man behind the music. It’s also a book of two halves. In the first half, Tina describes life as a young child, with a loving but often absent father – Frank having left Tina’s mother Nancy for Ava Gardner, while Tina was a baby. Although clearly very close to her mother, Tina speaks well of Gardner, and even better of her father’s third wife, Mia Farrow, with whom she became good friends.In the seco [...]

    3. Very sweet tribute from a daughter to her titan of a father. My partner's mom gave me this as we share a love of film/music bio and it was a quick read. Such a warm and sweet book in almost every way. Most biographies have a hard time humanizing someone as big as Sinatra. His daughter has no such trouble. You can truly see the humanity of such a bigger than life person through his daughter's eyes. At the same time, you find out what an interesting person the daughter is too. Tina Sinatra manages [...]

    4. I am a HUGE Sinatra fan, so I was excited to come home one day and find this book had arrived in my mail. I devoured it. Tina Sinatra writes in a very accessible style and presents her relationship with her father, siblings, mother, intimate friends, and her father's last wife, Barbara. This is not a "dishy" book; Tina describes her father warts and all, yet preserves his dignity with the respectful eye of a true reporter. I felt sad throughout the book. Frank Sinatra seemed like a haunted man. [...]

    5. Definitely a must read for any fellow Sinatra enthusiast. Very moving and not sugar coated, yet very insightful and informative.

    6. This is a wonderfully written book, written by the youngest of the Sinatra children. In this book Tina, tells a wonderful story about her father, and what it was like growing up as one of the children of what was probably the best known man in the world. She also put 86 wonderful pictures into the book, most of which are from private Sinatra family albums, and would have never been seen by the general public otherwise. However it's not all Wine And Roses, she also tells stories of how hard it wa [...]

    7. Tina was previously the least known of the Sinatra offspring. Now that I read of the artistic (mini series biopic) and business trust The Chairman of the Board put into his youngest casts her in a new light. A harsh light is cast on Barbara Sinatra, Zeppo Marx's ex- and Frank's final wife. Apparently more of a parasite than a companion, she became a wedge between Frank and his family in his final years and emerged the successful gold digger with money and booty.

    8. Written by the youngest of the Sinatra clan, this book gave much insight into Frank Sinatra's life. I came out of the book with a better understanding of him as a person, and realizing that the public front was not everything to be seen. Sometimes that is hard to remember with someone so huge in the public imagination.

    9. Enjoyed this - remembered I read it a while ago, now that I'm about to read another take - this one from his personal assistant. The preview at Google wetted my appetite . . . with lots of bizarre and idiosyncratic characters which seems to be the norm in Tinsel Town.

    10. Written by the youngest daughter of the Sinatra clan, Tina, this book presented a different insight into Frank Sinatra's life and career. Having just finished his third wife, Barbara’s book, “Lady Blue Eyes," I reached the conclusion that perhaps Tina’s book provided me with a better understanding of him as a person, and realized that the public front as written by the wife was not everything to be seen.As I was reading the wife’s book, I wondered why this book made no mention of Frank's [...]

    11. Having just read Lady Blue Eyes by Barbara Sinatra, Frank's third wife, this balanced it out beautifully. I wondered why the former book made no mention of Frank's children. It was like they had been erased from his life. Reading this book by Tina she paints a full picture warts and all and we get a better understanding of the man behind the voice.

    12. This has been the best yet hardest book to read. No matter if it was hard or easy it was the truth & behind the scenes of the legend we all loved. Loved this book & will forever cherish the complexity of frank

    13. Such a very touching Memoir. I have always enjoyed Frank Sinatra's music but knew nothing of his life. This book really opened my eyes to the stories he told and share with us in his songs.

    14. I am a hardcore Frank Sinatra fan but even I learned a lot from this book by his youngest child Tina Sinatra. For example, I never knew that Frank had been diagnosed with dementia in the last years of his life. I didn't know that his first wife Nancy had given him a cell phone so he could talk to her without his 4th wife Barbara picking up the phone and hearing he was talking to her and that the first wife thought up until he had his marriage to her annulled that she kept thinking he would come [...]

    15. I think it's fair for me to say that I picked this book up randomly from the laundry room of my apartment building, i'm not really a Sinatra fan i don't know much about him or his music but the man is a legend after all so my curiosity was piqued. The book is basically about how Frank balanced (or didn't balance) fame and his own ambition and needs with family, told through the eyes of the youngest Sinatra daughter. There is a lot of disappointment, loneliness, longing and sadness which is exper [...]

    16. My Father's Daughter is an easy read with some fascinating insight into Sinatra the man especially in the beginning of the book. I enjoyed Tina's narrative observing her father as a man, as a star and then as a father. The way she approaches his friends, confidants and lovers is interesting and unique. However about half-way in she starts to slowly change the narrative from the perspective of a family member or friend close to the man viewing his highs, lows and imperfections with acceptance and [...]

    17. I loved Sinatra so I'm game for anything about his life or music. The first half was not particularly new for me because I was very familiar with most of the stories and facts. Yet, I was still thoroughly engaged and interested. The second half was heart breaking for me as a fan. The allegations made against Frank's former wife Barbara Marx, even if partially true, will raise your temperature into a fever of outrage. Her manipulations of Sinatra and her treatment of him and his children were app [...]

    18. "My Father's Daughter" is an interesting book by the youngest of Frank's three kids, Tina. Tina was quite a bit younger than her siblings Nancy Jr. and Frank Jr so she had very little time living in the same household with her father, as Frank had left to marry Ava Gardner while Tina was still a baby. She discusses what it was like to be the child of a big celebrity, always having to share your time with your dad with others (countless people asking for autographs while they were in restaurants, [...]

    19. O love flows in this book. He was a wonderful father, who had such loving children. I loved the book. 2015 was wonderful all year with stories on Siriously Sinatra . I listened every day. The show by the Grammy people was marvelous My Father loved his songs and was born in 1915 as well. My son listens as well as I do all the time. He will never be forgotten.O love flows in this book. He was a wonderful father, who had such loving children. I loved the book. 2015 was wonderful all year with stori [...]

    20. It was neat to have an insight into Frank Sinatra and his family. I think the only thing that bothered me was that how she jumped around chronologically. She'd start saying something about "in 1991" then 2 pages later skip back to "in 1989" it was difficult to keep track of where the timeline of event was at any given point because of this. I don't feel like I learned anything particularly new and exciting but I think it offered a great perspective on what it's like for a lot of these kids who g [...]

    21. I never knew much about Mr. Sinatra but this memoir was a pretty nice intro. I really got a feel of what his life was like through his daughters eyes. They lived in quite the glitz and glam! I often got the hint at how spoiled they were growing up, although they hardly got to spend time with their dad I suppose you must pay for something to get the other. I kinda got bored during the last quarter of the book because all Tina did was prove how worthless Barbara was, when all I was curious about w [...]

    22. What made this book hard to read is exactly what made it a good book, Tina did a great job showing her father Frank Sinatra in his imperfect self but as a loving father as she was growing up, the book gets hard to read as she explains FS battles as he gets older and how Tina felt his last wife was using and abusing him for his money. The book follows you all the way to FS’s death and helps you feel the Way Tina Sinatra did. Pretty decent read.

    23. Wow! What a sweet, honest, passionate book telling about Frank Sinatra's life. Really touching and it seemed truthful, not like she was purposely trying to hurt her dad's wife, Barbara Marx. How do you go about writing about your dad's life, especially when he's famous? I don't think it was easy, but I hope it was cathartic. "My father was never happy with what he had when he had it." - talking about her parent's divorce.

    24. complete and utter trash. clearly shows that some families are way more disfunctional than our own. her step mother cannot be happy with this book, and if true, wow. what a manipulative, greedy gorgon.if you like sinatra and feeling better about your own family, read. not well written but very interesting.

    25. i pulled this off my bookshelf and could not put it down. whst most surprised me was Tina's honesty and candor, something unexpected from someone who works so hard to protect her father's image and legacy. Loved Frank and his family an honest look at the man and the artist through the eyes of a loving daughter.

    26. Simply a daughter telling about her Dad The way she felt about him was just the way I felt about my Dad. Easy, light readinguld have been any girl and her Dad except for the celebrity friends and lifestyle.

    27. Tina Sinatra comes off as a nice person. Unsurprisingly, she also comes off as a bit entitled and spoiled. It appears that Tina and her stepmother Barbara battled for Frank Sinatra's attention. Poor Frank battled dementia, heart disease and a bickering family at the end of his life. So sad.

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