The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year

The New Father A Dad s Guide to the First Year Illustrated throughout with New Yorker style cartoons this significantly updated revised and expanded handbook covers all aspects of fatherhood during the first months

  • Title: The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year
  • Author: Armin A. Brott
  • ISBN: 9780789208156
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Illustrated throughout with New Yorker style cartoons, this significantly updated, revised and expanded handbook covers all aspects of fatherhood during the first 12 months.

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      Armin A. Brott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year book, this is one of the most wanted Armin A. Brott author readers around the world.

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    1. I started reading this because someone recommended it to my husband, and so it was lying around. I'm rather grateful to the guy who recommended it.During pregnancy, I bumped up against a number of materials aimed at dads, and was frequently annoyed by them. So many of them seemed condescending to me, acting as if guys are more interested in football and have be to coaxed into learning about their kids. But at the same time, I can see the need--an awful lot of the parenting guides are aimed, whet [...]

    2. Another winning book for new fathers by Armin Brott. In this book, he provides guidance on a month-by-month basis for a child's first year of life, including developmental milestones, how the mother is likely feeling, and how the father is feeling. This is written in the spirit of equally shared parenting, which is both rare and refreshing. It was hard for me to find books for fathers that weren't overly humorous or reduced fathers to helpless and clueless caregivers who are advised to just let [...]

    3. A practical guide to a baby’s first year, written for new fathers. Each chapter explains how the baby is developing physically, intellectually, verbally, and emotionally/socially. It then explains what you (the father) are feeling and experiencing. The book’s information and advice are based on academic and clinical research, studies, and expert opinions, as well as anecdotes from the author and his acquaintances. The author includes just the right amount of humor to make it entertaining.The [...]

    4. This is my second "New Father" book I have read by Armin Brott, and I must say, I'm far more disappointed in this one than I was with "The Expectant Father". The first issue I have with this book is the accuracy of the information. Since this book was written in the 90's (and hasn't had a newer edition since 2004), most of the resources, references, and facts are woefully out of date. For instance, bumpers are considered a "no-no" in cribs these days, but Mr. Brott goes out of his way to recomme [...]

    5. Equally good as his "What to Expect" book, and chock-full of similarly useful information. So why only four stars? The whole idea is kind of preposterous: my hat off to any new parent who can honestly stay awake to make it through the whole thing. Gathers more dust on my night table than the other one did, as I play with my son instead.Still, a great reference. And every 3am session you spend staring into space, head a rising mixture of panic and exhaustion, eyelids heavy like lead, as your chil [...]

    6. Like the previous, The Expectant Father, this guide takes you month by month through the first year of the baby's life. That's an extremely helpful template/pace, as you're overwhelmed by everything else but you're slowly learning alongside your child exactly what you need to know. I especially appreciated the quiz in the middle to help determine how easy/challenging your child is with certain behaviors as well as the section on introducing foods. Dads, there's lots of guides out there but this [...]

    7. I have been following along this book over the last year. Each chapter tells me what I can expect the next month in the development of my baby and how can I be ready for it. It has definitely made me sound more intelligent and engaged in child rearing to my wife, when I can suggest solutions to problems that she has been facing or can expect to face. It also allowed me to develop my own opinions on developmental issues - again handy when these opinions are requested by my wife. Strongly recommen [...]

    8. This book really helped put my mind at ease during the first year of my daughters life. The whole time I kept worrying I was messing up somehow and wasn't doing a thing right. When moments like that would come I would consult this book and realize I was doing everything the proper way.

    9. Really nice book. Sadly around 20% is rather US centric and can't be used here in Germany, but if you skip that, it's still worth reading.

    10. Useful advice and milestonesReally appreciated the in depth list of milestones each month. This was the first book I took a year to read on purpose!

    11. Much like "The Expectant Father". Easy read and fact filled. This has been my baby bible for the first 6 months of my daughters post-natal life. Must read for new dads!

    12. Excellent and well rounded! This covers all the things that you wish somebody had told you about being a father I had of time. This covers everything from relationship advice today helping with your baby to what's going on with your spouse to dealing with insurance and building a future for your child. I cannot recommend this more! It's just that good.

    13. In Armin Brott’s guide to the first year, you get much more than a “what to expect” outline, you get engaging advice about 1) how to be the best parent for your child, 2) how to understand what is happening developmentally with your child, and 3) how to cope with the challenges associated with raising a child. And all of that is delivered for men in a man’s voice. The book has simple structure, with the first twelve months of a new baby’s life divided into twelve chapters (plus a whole [...]

    14. Every new father owes it to themselves and their families to read this series of books. From pre-natal to post-natal, to first year to - well- to as long as this series of books goes on, DO THIS FOR YOUR FAMILY. To get this out of the way at the start of this review, I am eternally grateful for all that Armin A. Brott has given to me, and in-turn to my family through "The Expectant Father" and now through "The New Father". Any time in the past two years I have heard anyone say that they are preg [...]

    15. With a new bundle of joy on the way and never really even holding a baby let alone been around them much, I decided to read up a little. From the myriad of choices covering a baby's first year, the vast majority are primarily focused on the mother or are more humorous than informative (the caveman themed one comes to mind). I wanted a book that was free of gimmicks yet focused on fathers and this one seemed to fit the bill.Not yet being a father, I can't say how useful the book actually is in pr [...]

    16. A must read for new fathersIf you enjoyed The Expectant Father, then you will enjoy this one too. The author describes what your baby will be going through in the first year, month by month. And tips for taking care of him/her. An easy and enjoyable read. Informative and somehow helped to make me feel less and reminded me of the importance of my new role.

    17. I thought Brott's first book, The Expectant Father, was excellent. That book took men who are about to be fathers through the time of pregnancy, helping them support their wives and deal with preparing to be a father. This book picks up post-birth and moves through the first year of being a dad.It is helpful and quite goodbut not as good as its predecessor.Each chapter begins with bullet-points about how your baby will be developing each month. These are helpful. The problem is sometimes I would [...]

    18. I read his previous book The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be cover-to-cover and found a lot of good advice despite some minor quibbles.This one seems very similar in tone and helpful advice, but I've found myself unable to finish it so far. But it's not a problem with the book so much as the state we're in now:In pregnancy, there's one big event you are looking forward to after 9 months, and you don't really interact with the baby directly much during that time (at least [...]

    19. I read both this and "What to Expect in the First Year" - this is far better.While "What to Expect" was helpful, I found the authors seemed to spend an unnecessary amount of time casually mentioning details that they fully covered in "What to Expect While You're Expecting" (which I also read). I don't know if they are expecting the reader to have skipped the first installment and proceed to this book or if they just needed to add some extra text to hit some goal for page length. I should also co [...]

    20. Before Giulia actually arrived, this book seemed like a terrific idea. I read through the first few months, thought "this sounds useful," and resolved to keep going month-by-month as Giulia grew. I realized even then that I probably would be much more sympathetic to the challenges and treats described in the book as they grew more imminent. I'm not so sure I realized how much of the book would pass from "something to worry about later" to "that's obvious" without passing through the "that's real [...]

    21. I see it's been over a year since I listed this as "currently reading". I had been reading it month-by-month for my son's first year. Sometimes I'd let it get away from me a little. I realize I let the last few months slip away so they are likely no longer relevant. I liked it enough for the usefulness of the advice at the time but it definitely stressed me out because Brott just became another external voice saying things like "your child should be sleeping through the night at this point" when [...]

    22. It has been a good guide for me during the first year of my son, especially in the first 6-8 months. I liked month-by-month structure of the book, with plenty of useful advice presented in a neat way. The leading thought of the book - encouraging fathers to break society's stereotypes and take a greater role in raising and taking care of their babies - is something I particularly appreciated. I also liked the focus on relationship with a partner ("What she is going through?", "How does that affe [...]

    23. I flipped through this over the past year as Camille was growing up, reading 20-30 pages at a time (about the amount dedicated to each month that corresponded to Camille age)and finished it somewhere around May or June. It was decent, clearly organized, full of bulletpoints marking what to expect, what not to worry about, what to try if this or if that. It was informative and there were a couple of times that I would read a section and think, "Oh, that explains a lot," but there wasn't exactly a [...]

    24. Just like the previous book by Armin Brott, "The Expectant Father" the strength of this book is giving concise information to help a new father navigate the new bold world of having a baby. He does a good job of giving relevant information that seems to be well researched but not overpowering the reader with too much information. It is a good balance to read through and but there are certainly better resources for reference when you need help on a specific issue. The weakness of the book is more [...]

    25. As was its stated goal, this book helped me feel more confident and competent about parenting. Much of what was said here I had heard before, but that was exactly what I needed: a reiteration of the most important aspects of parenting specifically for fathers. It is probably a little outdated already and he doesn't share my hypersensitivity about certain issues (food/environmental concerns, anti-commercialism, gender roles), but it was as least as indispensable as the previous volume about pregn [...]

    26. Not many child care/pregnancy books are written especially for fathers; Armin Brott brought us the first of this subgenre. It is refreshing as a new father to have a book that addresses my needs and emotional experience. I don’t have to edit the text in my head, as when I’m reading books written for women. I love how he goes month-by-month throughout the first year of child development, covering all of the developmental and emotional milestones of the child, the mother, and the father. That [...]

    27. This book is fine, not great, not bad, it's "ok"mewhat dated edition that pretty much reiterates everything easily located in a simple google search. This type of book may likely be entirely obsolete in a decade.The format of chronicling expected changes each month was nice, and easily digestible as neededIt's a totally functional reference book, but not much beyond it.All the above being said, I will soon begin the next in the series re: toddlers after Luxmi's 1st b-day, so it's clearly not bad [...]

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