The Gypsy Crown

The Gypsy Crown The spellbindinga dventures of two daring chidlren a monkey a dog and a dancing bear

  • Title: The Gypsy Crown
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9781407110486
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Paperback
  • The spellbindinga dventures of two daring chidlren, a monkey, a dog and a dancing bear

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      238 Kate Forsyth
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    1. Kate Forsyth

      Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven, and is now the internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children Her books for adults include Beauty in Thorns , the true love story behind a famous painting of Sleeping Beauty The Beast s Garden , a retelling of the Grimm version of Beauty the Beast , set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WWII The Wild Girl , the love story of Wilhelm Grimm and Dortchen Wild, the young woman who told him many of the world s most famous fairy tales Bitter Greens , a retelling of the Rapunzel fairytale and the bestselling fantasy series Witches of Eileanan Her books for children include The Impossible Quest , The Gypsy Crown , The Puzzle Ring , and The Starkin Crown Kate has a doctorate in fairytale studies, a Masters of Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, and is an accredited master storyteller.

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    1. My Thoughts:The Gypsy Crown is an excellently written book by Kate Forsyth. I was benefitted in several ways by reading it. I was able to learn new words because of the slightly historic language. The enlargement of my vocabulary is always a plus for me. Secondly, I enjoyed learning about a new culture. I'd never really been able to learn about Gypsies and their beliefs, and I found most of the facts about them interesting, such as most of them do not have one home due to their travels. The plot [...]

    2. This book draws the reader from the beautiful cover art into a story full of adventure, danger, and history, as the two main protagonists, Luka and Emilia, members of a Rom family in Cromwell’s Puritan England, seek out the members of four other Rom families for assistance in getting their family out of jail before they come to trial and are all executed. Traveling with them are Emilia’s horse, Alida, their performing bear, Sweetheart, their dog, Rollo, and Luka’s monkey, Zizi. Emilia has [...]

    3. I often rate the kids' lit I read based on my enjoyment of it as my present day self, that is as a forty something, burgeoning children's author and fan of children's writing. Books that fascinate, educate and thrill this current self are not necessarily the same ones that would have enthralled me as a 9 yo girl with an insatiable appetite for stories. Kate Forsyth's first instalment of The Chain of Charms series, The Gypsy Crown, wins five stars from me; not the author me, not the mother who wa [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this story about Gypsys in England during the time of Oliver Cromwell. Even though the series is for YA I liked it and look forward to listening to the rest of series as Amelia and Lukor look for the missing charms.I read this for the Aussie Readers Challenge, that is the interesting thing about challenges you are sometimes set to read book that you would not normally read because they fit into the challenge, as does this one.

    5. Things begin a tiny bit slowly at first, but despite that I did enjoy this story quite a bit. Emilia and Luka are both intelligent, strong, and courageous young kids, and despite Luka's unbelief in the charms, he humors Emilia rather than quarreling with her, which of course ends up saving them in the end. My biggest complaint is that the characters drag along way too many animals in the beginning. I love animal characters, but in a fast-paced adventure like this one, where Emilia and Luka are c [...]

    6. Book 1 (of six) about two Gypsy children, Emilia and Luka, trying to restore the Chain of Charms and free their family from prison, or rather, from the gallows.Set in Oliver Cromwell's time - 17th century England - this story is entertaining while also providing some historical background on the time period more generally, but also on the lives of Gypsies. There's quite a cast of characters, and it is a bit confusing in the beginning to keep them all separate, different and large Gypsy families, [...]

    7. This is the first book in a series of six.It is the story of two gypsy families meeting to come to a marriage agreement for two of their teenagers. After the deal is made, one family heads off to a nearby town to sing and dance to help raise the dowry and are charged with a number of things including murder! All except two youngsters are imprisoned (two cousins who are 13 year olds and manage to escape). Their names are Luka and Emilia. It's up to these two to find help and free the rest of the [...]

    8. Even though this book was found in my local library's YA section, I think it's a better fit for middle grade. The main character, Emilia, is only 10 or 11, and this book was originally published as a 6-book series - meaning the original books were probably pretty thin.I enjoyed the story. I was surprised to find so much historical fiction in it (the story takes place during Cromwell's reign in England). After their family is arrested, two gypsy children, Emilia and her brother Luka, go on a ques [...]

    9. Very interesting historical novel with just the right touch of fantasy elements. I also liked how this story had a boy/girl team working together, but didn't bring romance into the story. (Although I thought there might have been a spark between Emilia and Tomoh well, squires' sons and gypsies' daughters don't exactly mix.)Apparently, in Australia, this was published as a series of six books, which were compiled and edited together into the book that I read. Evidently, one entire book (The Cats [...]

    10. I picked up this book because I really enjoyed Kate Forsyth's witch books. "The Gypsy Crown" is a children's tale, so it lost a lot of the grit and flavor of the adult witch books. It was a good story, and it is one I plan to read to my 7-year-old son in about a year. I also appreciate its focus on right and wrong. There isn't a lot of that around anymore these days.As an adult, however, it didn't carry over as some other children's books have. Of course, those "children's" books that I have enj [...]

    11. Recommended for gr. 5-9. Historical fiction which takes place in England during the time of Oliver Cromwell (1658). Thirteen-year-old Emilia is Rom, otherwise known as a Gypsy. After her family is thrown in jail, she and her cousin, accompanied by their dancing bear named Sweetheart, trained monkey, and faithful dog, make their way around the London area. They are trying to bring together five charms which used to hang together on a chain. Their grandmother, a wise woman, has told Emilia that br [...]

    12. This book is amazing! All Kate Forsyth lovers must read it! This book started when Emilia's stepmother accidentally murdered a policeman ( I hate saying ;killed;) and the whole family was put in prison! Only Emilia &Luka managed to escape.They had to find five charms &in 10 days,before their whole family was beheaded!Even as they faced terrible dangers,they managed to free their family! I just hope that you will enjoy as much as I did!

    13. Gypsies in Europe during the time of Cromwell. Most of the family gets jailed for singing, dancing, and entertaining in the town. Two kids escape and have to find 4 more charms to a good luck bracelet so the gypsies will have good luck again. So there is a little bit of magic, lots of running and hiding (bad guys chasing them of course, and in the end triumph. A pretty good read. I learned some history as well.

    14. I know this is basically a teenage book but it was well written and sort of fun to read. It managed to have a good story line and even though it was just one of those relaxing books that you can read in a couple of days it was worth it. A lot of it was based on actual history so of course I always like a good historical fiction. This was more like all fiction but a nice little sort of fairy story.

    15. An enjoyable book. Its strongest points are setting and plot: there is great historical detail and an interesting plot premise. I liked how this book helped me to imagine what it was like for the Rom people during Cromwell's reign. Also I liked finding out things about Rom culture.Weak points: some shallow characters and a bit of predictability in plot.

    16. This is a fast paced adventure story for younger readers starring, for a breath of fresh air, some Romany gypsies facing persecution in Cromwellian England. Enjoyable and fun, this story reminds me an awful lot of more 'old fashioned' storytellers tales like those by Enid Blyton. Minus the problematic classist/sexist/racist overtones of course. GET IN, KIDS!

    17. During Cromwell’s rebellion against the English royalty, gypsies (or Rom as they are known in this book) are persecuted by the members of Cromwell’s court. Emilia’s and Luka’s family are into prison and it is up to the two children to protect the family’s animals, recover their magical charms, and rescue their siblings and parents.

    18. This book is adolescent fiction so a kid could read it. It helped me understand more about the Gypsy or Roma way of life. That, of course, makes it easier for me to understand my Roma Hungarian students. They are not just having a hard time because Hungarian is so different from English but because their entire way of life is different.

    19. The historical background of 17th century England was rather fascinating in this book. The hatred the Puritans had for anything different than themselves.

    20. I loved the history, the imagery and the adventure in this story. I am so pleased that it is a series and I can read more!

    21. There’s something fun and special about a well-written story that is based in history. I’ve never been one to actually study history (mainly because I found it boring in high school), so reading a book that is so beautifully crafted around a historical moment is thoroughly enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to learn about English history, alongside the tolerance of others. Forsyth drives home the importance of accepting those who are different to us, even if we don’t quite understand them [...]

    22. 17th Century England, Oliver Cromwell and the puritans are in power. Dancing, music and even Christmas has been banned. Times are hard on the gypsy who makes his trade in music, dance and magic.One gypsy family, the Finches, has been working on an estate, but when the daughters is betrothed, to raise money for the dowry they all decide to go to the town of Kingston on market day and ply their gypsy trade. All goes well until they become involved in an accidental death and only young Emilia and L [...]

    23. This book was better than I thought it would be. I came close to giving up on it just because I'm in a mood and need something dark to match it, but finished this in a night anyway. Apparently it was originally published as a bunch of short stories, which would have driven me a bit nuts, but as a whole with an ending it's fine.Each segment involves the search for a charm that was originally on a gypsy bracelet, and the theory goes if they're brought back together it has magical powers.Magic show [...]

    24. The Chain of Charms is a quest series in which two gypsy children seek six charms that had been scattered among six gypsy clans. Each Australian volume is devoted to one of the six charms. I knew something was wrong when the tale of how the charms were scattered was told in this edition, and there were only five charms! How did this happen? Which one was missing? I still haven't gotten the first question answered, but a comparison to a list of the Australian volumes to the list of charms in the [...]

    25. A girl, a boy, a bear, a horse and a monkey set out on a journey to save their kin from the terrible fate of guillotine. The journey is basically done to collect the 5 charms; that belongs to 5 different families of the Rom; a charm believed to have magical powers that can bring peace, prosperity and safety to the Rom. The story follows these folks (and animals) on their journey to 'find all the charms, link them all in the bracelet and free their family from the gaol'. It all happens without a [...]

    26. 3 1/2 stars. An excellent kids book -easy and quick read.The characters were reasonably realistic, though some where more flat and boring than others. They go through struggles and, although the emotions seem pretty unemotional, their physical reactions are real and relateable. I enjoyed reading along with their story.The plot was interesting in that there were so many gems of truth about the puritans and royalists, and just how the Gypsy people were treated in those times. It was intriguing to [...]

    27. Genre Fantasy.Historical Reading age 9 to 12 Annotation: A family of gypsies in Cromwellian England fall foul of a new preacher who has them all jailed—children and adult—awaiting trial with hanging guaranteed. Thirteen-year-old Luka Finch and his cousin Emilia (the same age) escape with instructions to keep the tame bear Sweetheart out of the hands of those who would kill her and to find and collect all the charms from a bracelet long broken up and distributed among seven of the gypsy tribe [...]

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