And We're Off

And We re Off Seventeen year old Nora Holmes is an artist a painter from the moment she could hold a brush She inherited the skill from her grandfather Robert who s always nurtured Nora s talent and encouraged h

  • Title: And We're Off
  • Author: Dana Schwartz
  • ISBN: 9780448493817
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seventeen year old Nora Holmes is an artist, a painter from the moment she could hold a brush She inherited the skill from her grandfather, Robert, who s always nurtured Nora s talent and encouraged her to follow her passion Still, Nora is shocked and elated when Robert offers her a gift an all expenses paid summer trip to Europe to immerse herself in the craft and to sSeventeen year old Nora Holmes is an artist, a painter from the moment she could hold a brush She inherited the skill from her grandfather, Robert, who s always nurtured Nora s talent and encouraged her to follow her passion Still, Nora is shocked and elated when Robert offers her a gift an all expenses paid summer trip to Europe to immerse herself in the craft and to study history s most famous artists The only catch Nora has to create an original piece of artwork at every stop and send it back to her grandfather It s a no brainer Nora is in Unfortunately, Nora s mother, Alice, is less than thrilled about the trip She worries about what the future holds for her young, idealistic daughter and her opinions haven t gone unnoticed Nora couldn t feel unsupported by her mother, and in the weeks leading up to the trip, the women are as disconnected as they ve ever been But seconds after saying goodbye to Alice at the airport terminal, Nora hears a voice call out Wait Stop I m coming with you

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    1. There were elements I absolutely loved, but the story itself kind of fell short for me. It would still make a good short summer read if you like anything set in Ireland, though!Nora is a typical upper middle class suburban teen who's leaving for a summer trip to Europe where she'll study in an elite Irish art program. Right before she leaves her mom asks if she can come with and spend some time getting to know Nora better before (its that typical situation of Nora wants to go to school for art b [...]

    2. I received this via GoodReads Giveaways in an exchange for my honest review. All my opinions are my own.---- Writing 3.5 starsCharacters - 3.5 starsPlot 3 stars(Where's the half-stars??? ;-P)---Right away I liked Nora for being a fellow fangirl her drawings sound like something I would have loved to have if I could cough up the spare cash for a print in a fancy or semi-fancy frame. And the fact that she wasn't a prodigy when it came to Art and still had doubts about herself and still persevering [...]

    3. Easy summer read, yes. But I still can't get past the horrible relationship with her mom, how everything just seems to go wrong, and how so many things are just left unfinished at the end. This book definitely could have been longer and explored way more.

    4. The story of an all-expenses paid summer trip to Europe could be the pinnacle of the kind of escapist beach read that spreads a little ray of sunshine upon readers any time of year they choose to pick it up. Book of the Month judge Dana Schwartz makes her YA fiction debut with her signature wit and plenty of voice, following the highs and lows of a mother/daughter team making their way across the Continent. As bubbly and fun as a glass of champagne, And We’re Off is sure to quench your thirst [...]

    5. Fun summer read about a budding artist trying to spend a summer being artsy and independent, but being thwarted by her mom tagging along. All the characters felt very authentic, the dialogue was very real, and I loved that. Nora, the main character, had a lot of problems, but they were all also very realistic and I never felt like they were made up to make her more interesting or layered. Her parents are divorced, and neither she nor her mom are really deal well with it. Her best friend is datin [...]

    6. Мой отзыв и оценка не будут объективны, учитывая, сколько времени я провела с этой книгой, пропуская через себя каждое слово и эмоцию. И ни капли об этом не жалею. Я безумно рада, что именно она попала в мои руки и очень вовремя! Не знаю, что это: совпадение или судьба, но я не ве [...]

    7. Если честно, книга мне понравилась не слишком сильно, хотя я очень ее хотела, и поначалу была просто в восторге.Но сюжет оказался совсем не таким, как я думала и какой хотела.Я поняла мораль этой книги, поняла, чему она должна научить читателя. Но мне было невыносимо читать пр [...]

    8. Дана Шварц "Я уезжаю"3 из 10Жанр: YA, современный романPOV: от первого лица, женскийГеометрия чувств: фигура не поддается определениюОтличительные черты: героиня художница, поиски себя, налаживание отношений между матерью и дочерьюРЕЦЕНЗИЯ:К моему глубокому сожалению, эта кни [...]

    9. Very quick read. This one's tough because I expected more growth from Nora and Alice, and what you get instead is a final chapter resolution with little build-up. The book had little to hold on to other than a few nice moments between the mother and daughter sparsely sprinkled throughout. Plus there is both domestic and international boy trouble that I wished had dominated less of the storyline.

    10. [4/5]I think it was a solid contemporary that was pure and pretty relatable to life in general !! a great summer read :))

    11. I read this summary and I was so excited to read this book! I even found myself laughing a bit in the first chapter, but I honestly don’t know where the story lost me exactly. I obviously have mixed feelings about this read. While I didn’t love it… I certainly didn’t dislike it. Nora lives and breathes art… it doesn’t help that she has a grandfather who has famous paintings and helps nurture her talent. Her mother on the other hand is less than supportive. When Nora gets accepted int [...]

    12. Vacation Review #5 🌴While technically this book is billed as YA, it will satisfy anyone who has ever traveled with a parent.or a daughter. Nora and her mother's relationship was one I could relate to so closely both as a mother and as a daughter, and I swear some of the conversations were replicas I had when traveling with my own mother as an adult! The travels through Europe were detailed and a joy to read about, and the art storyline will surely please any art lovers. This is a light and qu [...]

    13. Graded By: RosemaryCover Story: Suspiciously FamiliarBFF Charm: YaySwoonworthy Scale: 4Talky Talk: Straight UpBonus Factor: EuropeRelationship Status: Summer FlingRead the full book report here.

    14. Travel - check! A swoony guy - check! An annoying, intruding mother - check check! Nora loves art. Her very successful artist grandfather has always encouraged her passion for art, yet her mother doesn't offer up the same support to Nora. When Nora's grandfather offers her the chance of a lifetime, an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe to study art, Nora is beside herself with excitement. That is, until her mother drives her to the airport to drop her off, and at the last minute decides to accompa [...]

    15. A cute little young-adult read about a high schooler and her mother trying to find themselves in a summer trip to Europe. Some typical teenage angst clouding the narrator's judgment that also allows her to find personal growth. Easy but nothing super special.

    16. 2 stars from me. I didn't dislike this book but I certainly am not going to be pushing it on people. I had issues with the angsty teenager routine and the vague & disconnected mother suddenly wanting to reconnect with her daughter. Plus, that ending. *insert heavy eye roll here* I really wish authors would stop trying to fix everything in the last five pages. It does not ever work that way.Full review to come soon.Review can be found here: agingerlyreview.wordpressBy looking at the cover of [...]

    17. You know when you're making cookies and don't mix the dough well enough so there are pockets of flour and chunks of rock hard brown sugar?This book feels like that.I was so disappointed after finishing this because all of the scrumptious ingredients are in there: Europe, an author with a hilarious online presence, mother-daughter bonding. Somehow it never fully comes together. Even as a former Tumblr queen, I struggled to sympathize with the main character. There were some funny first person POV [...]

    18. If you're looking for a fun summer book, read this! Don't expect a intense or meaningful story, but it's a perfect "fluff book." Light and easy! There were elements I loved, but the plot itself was too intriguing yet I still wanted to keep reading. I've seen it described as "compulsively readable" and that's perfect. Good short summer read!

    19. Full review!Format: Hard CopyNora's mom doesn't really understand or support her passion for art, which is all the more bewildering to Nora considering that her grandfather is a world-famous artist with painting hanging in the most famous museums all over the world. So, she hasn't been getting along well with her mom. Luckily, Nora has her grandfather's support when it comes to art. When Nora is accepted to a prestigious art program in Ireland one summer, her grandfather offers to expand her tri [...]

    20. DNF 25%I was so excited for And We're Off--preordered and everything--and yet I can't force myself to read another page. Nora is an insufferable main character. You know when an author pens a YA character and tries way too hard for them to be authentic? Yeah, that's Nora. She's seventeen with the attitude of a twelve year old. From the start she complains about literally everything, she's not funny, her inner monologue is tiresome Just ugh. The basic premise intrigued me, but the more I thought [...]

    21. And We're Off is the coming of age story of a seventeen year-old artist from suburban Chicago. Her grandfather is a successful American artist, and she worries her talent isn't good enough without his name behind her artwork. Accepted into a young artist camp that meets for three weeks in Ireland, the main character receives a European trip from her grandfather, but her mother (recovering from her ex-husband's recent remarriage and career troubles) decides to crash the vacation and join without [...]

    22. Initial thoughts: Travel and art sounded like a very promising combination, which is why I couldn't wait to pick up And We're Off. I loved how seriously Nora took her artistic pursuits and that she had a grandfather who fully supported her. Throw in a summer art programme and visiting places significant to the visual arts, and I was hooked. This, however, was only half the plot. The other half was all about her mother unexpectedly tagging along and the conflicts that arouse as a result. The reas [...]

    23. I love Dana Schwartz's Twitter presence, whether it is as her irreverent, funny self or as her hilarious parodies (@GuyInYourMFAand @DystopianYA), and I have generally enjoyed her writing for The Observer. However, even though this is a good story, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I expected. Swchartz's debut novel has been compared to a "wanderlust version of Gilmore Girls" and while it bears some similarities, it's also unique on its own. The romance was sweet and dramatic but it overshadowe [...]

    24. And We're Offis a quick and fun adventure. There are some terrific descriptions of so many places that you'll think your passport will have some additional stamps. (I miss real Belgian waffles so much!)I have a pet peeve about really bratty teen characters and Nora gets close to the line sometimes. Her mom is a prominent figure in the story and gives contradictory advice to the way she behaves so I wish both of these characters had better resolutions to their issues.It's a solid read, but I wish [...]

    25. I read about half of this. I'm DNFing because it's pissing me off. Both characters are insufferable and annoying, plus this is really triggering for me as my mother and I did not have a great relationship when I was this age. I understand Nora being pissed off because her mom is being selfish and sabotaged her trip, but at the same time, you're traveling through Europe for the first time, and all she does is complain about how horrible everything is. I hate both of them.The writing is fine. I st [...]

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