My Brother's Keeper

My Brother s Keeper Based on the true story of the Collyer brothers Inspired by the New York Times articles detailing items taken from the Collyer s brownstone after their deaths Davenport constructs a tale of the

  • Title: My Brother's Keeper
  • Author: Marcia Davenport
  • ISBN: 9780380598656
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on the true story of the Collyer brothers.Inspired by the 1947 New York Times articles detailing items taken from the Collyer s brownstone after their deaths, Davenport constructs a tale of the Holt brothers, one a failing concert pianist and the other a naval architect, and the events that prompted them to become recluses in later life.

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    1. Marcia Davenport

      American author and music critic She was born Marcia Glick, daughter of Bernard Glick and opera singer Alma Gluck, later stepdaughter of violinist Efrem Zimbalist when Alma Gluck remarried.Davenport traveled extensively with her parents and was educated intermittently at the Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Shipley School at Bryn Mawr She began at Wellesley College but eloped to Pittsburgh in 1923 to marriy Fred D Clarke Eventually she earned her B.A at the University of Grenoble Her first child was born in 1924, but in 1925 she divorced Clarke.She took an advertising copywriting job to support herself and her daughter In 1928 she began at the editorial staff of The New Yorker, where she worked until 1931 In 1929, she married Russell Davenport, who soon after became editor of Fortune Davenport s second daughter was born in 1934 That same year she began as the music critic of Stage magazine Davenport had close ties through her mother and stepfather to the classical music world and particularly to the heady opera world of Europe and America in the first half of the 20th century She was first celebrated as a writer for her first book, Mozart, the first published American biography of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Her marriage to Russell Davenport ended in 1944.She also wrote several popular novels, notably The Valley of Decision, a 1940s bestseller made into a successful movie with Greer Garson and Gregory Peck.

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    1. A highly melodramatic version of the story of the Collyer brothers, this book recounts the lives of Seymour and Randall Holt, a pair of brothers who turn to compulsive hoarding, though it ultimately kills them. Like the Collyer brothers, the Holt brothers closed off various rooms of their spacious NYC home with newspapers and rigged tunnel systems to allow them to move around. However, these tunnels were also booby-trapped to thwart would-be burglars, and it is one of these booby-traps that ulti [...]

    2. A highly-romanticized re-imagining of the tragic Collyer Brothers of New York City, whose Fifth Avenue mansion was found to be crammed with over a hundred tons of refuse, bundled newspapers, and household items - Davenport herein calls them Seymour and Randall Holt, and the seeds of their eccentricity go back to their childhoods, overseen by their stern, forbidding grandmother who ties them up financially for decades after her death. Both men become involved with the same woman, with interesting [...]

    3. What a sad story but beautifully written and paced story! Very few good things happen in this story of two brothers, Randall and Seymour, whom end up recluses in their booby trapped home in a formerly upscale New York neighborhood. This book was on my Dad's shelf for years and I decided to take it to the beach and I was hooked right away. It is a bit melodramatic but it covers a lot of ground and time.There is a love triangle, hoarding, illegitimate children and an evil Grandmother. Great and be [...]

    4. Well worth finding this out-of-print book (I've bought it three times now and read it twice [I lost one copy to a borrower and one copy to disintegration:]. Based on the lives of the Collyer Brothers (look 'em up). A fascinating, disquieting, and somewhat claustrophobic readbut I challenge you to put it down once you get past the first chapter. (Don't know REAL date finished.)

    5. Based on the lives of the Collyer Brothers, Marcia Davenport has weaved the story so wonderfully and taken it to a whole new level. It made me wonder as to how someone who is extremely rich can be leveled to such a poor and filthy standard of living

    6. I read this book when I was a teenager in the 60's. I read it because my mother said it was good. At the time it was ok. Thinking about it now, it must of been better than I thought, as 48 years later I still remember it.

    7. This story was exceptionally good! This historical fiction is loosely based on the true story of the Collyer Brothers of New York. The author deftly wove fiction into the true history and came out with a very good and believable read. I wish that Marcia Davenport had written more fiction. Her The Valley of Decision doesn't look as interesting to me, but I may have to try it.

    8. My Brother's Keeper is a novel by Marcia Davenport based on the true story of the Collyer brothers. This book is difficult to find but if you are able grab it. Why, asks Author Davenport, did devoted brothers of good family and good education die in squalor and madness when they had scads of money in the bank? The answer: Momism. Old Grandma Holt dominated her married son, his gentle wife and their two young sons. Just as daddy is about to break from the Milquetoast mold, he is kicked in the hea [...]

    9. I read this book because it was recommended to me by someone at work. After I started it, I realized I had already read it & though I could predict some of the things that happened, I did not remember all of it. It is not the type of book that I read now, so based on that subjective feeling, I would've rated it a 3; however, it is a good book & an interesting topic. I was told that it is based on a true story of 2 brothers, living in the New York area, & how they eventually became ho [...]

    10. One of the creepiest yet most compelling novels I've ever read, and so depressing that while well written, I can't bring myself to give it four stars. I picked it up years ago in a New York library and three hours later was still reading, horrified but unable to walk away. As I recall, in this version the mother was the villain and the psychological cruelty she exerted over her sons gave me nightmares for months. This was based on a real life story which is the basis for Doctorow's new novel, Ho [...]

    11. Recommended to me by one of my Ohio Bookies as her all time favorite book - had to read it! Written in 1954, our library system found one old, taped together copy for me, and reading it confirmed my belief that well written books may get lost but can't be forgotten! The tale of two brothers, Randall and Seymore who are so evilly influenced by their paternal, wicked, wicked grandmother that they can't begin to fulfill their potential and degenerate into a life of misery. Sad, sad but oh, so good [...]

    12. I read this a really long time ago, but I will never forget it. It haunts me at times.(Can you spell "hoarders"?)This usage of a newspaper article inspiring a fictional novel was MY inspiration for using this technique as a writing prompt for my fifth graders over the years. I had some very talented writers!In trying to find this book to add it to my Good Reads list just now, I happened upon the Wikopedia article. I'd like to share that with you: enpedia/wiki/My_BrothMaybe it's time for that mov [...]

    13. Fascinating book. I was intrigued when an 86-year-old friend of mine made a reference to being like Colyer. I didn't get the reference. Of course, I didn't. The Colyer brothers died about the time I was born. This book was published in 1953. I checked it out of the library and read the nearly 450 pages in 3 sittings. We only have one life on this earth. It is so sad that it can be wasted by circumstances beyond our control, beyond our ability to understand, by the cruelty of others who hold our [...]

    14. This is an amazing and sad story of two brothers who live in the same house they grew up in and suffer from severe OCD, although they don't know it - their house is stuffed full of old newspapers and books and pianos and things, and they have little tunnels to get from one place to another. My mom used to tell me about this book when I was growing up and then she found a first edition copy on Ebay and I got to read it. Fascinating!

    15. I found this in a free box ages ago. After the gulag book, I was looking for something less depressing. Wrong. This novel details the unfortunate life of two brothers holed up in what was their once beautiful New York home until they got very old and their neighborhood turned into a crime-ridden drug den.

    16. A real page-turner. Full of psychological insight into the origins of sibling rivalry and the minds of hoarders. Got a little tedious in the middle---I thought the section on Italy was too long---but the overall result was fascinating.

    17. Fictionalized version of the real-life story of the Collyer brothers and the appalling way they lived and died. Davenport has created the story of their early lives and what sent them down the grisly road.

    18. The dialog is stilted and old fashioned, but the story is well written and good. It shows how it is possible to ride the slow train to crazy and never know that's the direction you are headed.

    19. This is a weird story about how two elderly brothers come to be found dead in their New York city home filled with trash.

    20. I started out reading this thinking it was a true story. I came to find out that it was all cleverly constructed fiction.

    21. Oh, my, is this book ever dated! And very soap-opera-y, too. I did stick with it until the end but can't say I recommend it.

    22. This book was old favorite of my mothers that she found, re-read and passed of to me. Little slow in parts but good and creepy!

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