An Unattended Death

An Unattended Death On a hot August morning Anne Paris is found dead her body floating in the slough at the bottom of her family s remote summer property on an island in Puget Sound the apparant victim of a sailing ac

  • Title: An Unattended Death
  • Author: VictoriaJenkins
  • ISBN: 9781579622848
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On a hot August morning, Anne Paris is found dead, her body floating in the slough at the bottom of her family s remote summer property on an island in Puget Sound, the apparant victim of a sailing accident Irene Chavez, the lone female detective in a rural Washington State sherriff s department, is assigned to investigate the death of this privileged young psychiatristn a hot August morning, Anne Paris is found dead, her body floating in the slough at the bottom of her family s remote summer property on an island in Puget Sound, the apparant victim of a sailing accident Irene Chavez, the lone female detective in a rural Washington State sherriff s department, is assigned to investigate the death of this privileged young psychiatrist.As Irene gets to know Anne s family, their houseguests and neighbors and Anne herself, as the dead woman emerges in the accounts of the peopl who knew her she comes to believe that it was not the boom of a sailboat that whacked Anne on the back of the head, but someone close to her.Irene s own past loss and unrealized ambitions, along with her awareness of the distinctions of social strata, compromise her objectivity and professionalism as she attempts to maintain composure in the face of the opaque and entitled enclave of summer people Working with unusual autonom and urgency while her supervisor is on vacation, Irene resists the easy solution and the family s wishes to close the case as an accident and persists in a homicide investigation.Paralleling Irene s professional challenges, her fourteen year old son is arrested, bringing home to Irene the perils of growing up in a small town or anywhere, and the inevitable parenting limitations of a working single mother It is in the context of her son s arrest that Irene first become acquainted with the new Mason County prosecuting attorney, a potential ally or adversary, she isn t sure which.Carefully observed and psychologically authentic, this first Irene Chavez mystery blends rich character development and a strong sense of place with the intricate plotting of a traditional procedural.

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    1. Irene Chavez makes her first appearance as a rural detective in Puget Sound of Washington State when she is the first on the scene where wealthy psychiatrist Anne Paris’ body has been found floating in the tidal marsh off the shore of a remote island. Anne’s body was found after she had last been seen sailing in a major storm, but the fact that her body is several miles away from where the sailboat was found suggests to Irene that this “unattended death” may not have been an accident. Je [...]

    2. Irene Chavez grew up on an island in Puget Sound but left as soon as she could. Now she’s back with her teenaged son, earning her living as the token female detective in a tiny sheriff’s department. When a rich man’s daughter turns up dead in the water, evidence seems to point towards a sailing accident. But Irene’s senses have been tuned by life in Los Angeles. Rich and poor deserve the same true investigation, so she sets out to learn exactly what happened in this well-connected death. [...]

    3. First, the good. The author uses precise, descriptive prose. While initially I found it hard to get drawn into the story due to the fact that the writing at times borders on clinical, after a while I came to appreciate that this was largely an intentional effort to set a tone. While I initially also found it hard to care about the main character and was more focused on the 'mystery' in time Jenkins drew me into this world and I did come to care about Detective Chavez (if not, always, her son) an [...]

    4. I heard that this got rave reviews. If so, it was highly overrated. I was originally intrigued because it was set in my neck of the woods. The story line was mediocre and the ending was anticlimactic.

    5. I received this in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I liked this book a lot and hope the author will write another book about Washington State police detective Irene Chavez soon!Detective Chavez grew up in the backwoods area of Washington state but left for California at 18 only 2 weeks out of high school. It was a hardscrabble life but she managed over the years to get a college degree, marry sweet carpenter Luis Chavez and have their son Victor. She was just about to begin law sch [...]

    6. First Line: The body, face down and almost completely submerged in the tea-colored water of the slough, might easily have been mistaken for a driftwood log.After four years with the LAPD, Irene Chavez has returned to her rural Washington state roots to raise her teenage son. Although there is no overt hostility towards her in the Mason County Sheriff's Department, Irene knows she changes the dynamic and makes several of the men uneasy. She can deal with it.Especially in times like now, when ther [...]

    7. Rating: 3.5AN UNATTENDED DEATH introduces Irene Chavez, a detective in a small town police department in Washington State. Irene is a bit of an enigmatic figure. Her husband, Luis, died eleven years earlier; and she has not had a relationship since. Her focus is on her son, Victor, who seems to be a good kid, although he got involved in some mischief that had him picked up by the police. The officer in charge of that case, Theo Choate, has to decide whether to charge him or not. It’s confusing [...]

    8. Set largely on an island in Puget Sound just north of Olympia and about 30 miles east of Tacoma, this quiet crime novel introduces a compelling new heroine. Irene Chavez is a Mason County local who has returned from a decade and a half in southern California with a teenage son, a widow's grief, and enough LAPD experience to get a detective badge. Called to the scene of an unattended death (ie. someone has died without any witnesses who can confirm what happened), she finds herself sifting throug [...]

    9. I received my copy of "An Unattended Death" from Good Reads. Irene Chavez is a good detective who got her training in LA after leaving Harstead years before. She is the "token" female detective in this small coastal town and the first one the scene at an accidental death? or murder? She is on a mission to find the facts and answers to all of the many questions that keep coming up! Victoria Jenkins has done an excellent job of getting you the reader drawn into the scene and all of the characters! [...]

    10. This is one of the most beautifully written mysteries I’ve read in some time. The setting—an island in Puget Sound in Washington State during the summer. The main character—Irene Chavez, a small town detective and single mom. She grew up in this area although lived and worked in Los Angeles for many years. The case—an unattended death. A body washes up in a shallow slough. Was it an accident or murder? The only female detective on this rural Washington State sheriff’s department, Chave [...]

    11. Very good book. It was hard to stop reading for a day or even a few hours once I started the book. In fact, when I finished I searched for the author's additional books and was disappointed there are no others published by Victoria Jenkins. I hope there will be others as I will definitely be searching for a new one. There was not any time that I found the book boring, or a time where there was writing that seemed to just be dragging the reader along for a time being you might say. Something was [...]

    12. Anne Paris is found dead, her body floating in the slough on her family's summer property, the apparent victim of a sailing accident. Irene Chavez, the female detective in Washington State sheriff's department, is assigned to investigate the death. As Irene gets to know Anne's family and Anne, she believes that it was not the boom of a sailboat that whacked Anne on the back of the head, but someone close to her. But who, since there are multiple suspects with multiple motives. This book keeps yo [...]

    13. This is the first of Ms. Jenkins books I've read but I don't believe it will be the last. Her writing style is very easy to become involved in. I must admit the ending was not quite what I expected, however, that's what makes a mystery a mystery. The twists and turns in the plot were not so much that you will get lost in keeping events and characters confused. I gave it a 4 star rating only due to the fact that the main thing I feel was missing was that the victim should have been identified in [...]

    14. Not what really what I was expecting in a murder mystery. This was more of a character study of the detective in charge of the case and how she doesn't feel comfortable with those outside of her own social strata and that she feels like something less than she really is. There is also a lot of character analysis in the other main characters who where there when Anne died. I wanted more mystery and action rather than the psychoanalysis of the characters defects. Ehhhh was ok.

    15. Set in Mason County on Harstine. Thanks for the tip and advance copy loan Marianne! Love that it is local. I don't read mysteries, but I was intrigued by it. I did want to know who dunnit and how. I also live on Harstine, so it is very close to my heart. I really want to invite this author to do a reading at the library and have SAGE there to sell books. Looking forward to introducing her book to the community.

    16. Irene Chavez is a detective in Puget investigating what she believe is a murder of wealthy psychiatrist Anne Paris. Irene struggle between being a single mom of a teenager & trying not to get to involve with a new love interest. it was hard at first for me to get into the book because i feel she went to far in the details of the crime scene but once you get pass that i really enjoy it!

    17. This mystery offers an appealing main character. She is a single mother who is still mourning for her husband who was killed in a robbery. When one of the summer visitors is killed in a boating accident she begins to suspect foul play.

    18. The book was an easy read that kept me guessing all the way until the end. The main character is very believable and likable. I enjoyed "An Unattended Death" very much and look forward to reading other books by the author.

    19. This is a very impressive, character-driven police procedural in which the detective tries to establish whether this is an accidental death or murder.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    20. Irene Chavez is a detective in a rural part of Washington State. She is called to investigate the death of a young psychiatrist found floating in Puget Sound. The book had a very deliberate pace (making me glad it wasn't longer) and was much more about Chavez herself than the mystery.

    21. This is the author's first mystery and features a female detective, a widowed mom with teen son, who solves crimes in Puget Sound. It's OK –nice sense of place, suspects not that interesting, but like detective and see potential.

    22. I did not enjoy this book as much as I would have thought from reading other reviews. I got characters mixed up as they seemed underdeveloped. The solution was interesting though.

    23. A smooth new detective enters the genre. See my review at New York Journal of Books: nyjournalofbooks/review/un

    24. The writing is disjointed - you are left uninformed of things the detective already knows. And the plot and characters aren't interesting enough to make up for his.

    25. Could not get into this. Very dry and uneventful. The end of the book makes you wonder why you read it. Sorry. Didn't like at all. Had to plough through this.

    26. Just finished a bound galley. This is the first in a new series featuring Detective Irene Chavez. Very good mystery and I look forward to reading the next book.

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