Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends

Celebrate A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends In her first book Middleton reveals the secrets to hosting a successful party with recipes tips and detailed instructions on how to throw a memorable event

  • Title: Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends
  • Author: Pippa Middleton
  • ISBN: 9780670026357
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In her first book, Middleton reveals the secrets to hosting a successful party with recipes, tips and detailed instructions on how to throw a memorable event.

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    1. Pippa Middleton

      Philippa Charlotte Middleton is an English socialite, and the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge A graduate of the University of Edinburgh, she works in the catering and party planning business.

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    1. Well, I've seen worse cookbooks. I bought this more out of morbid curiosity than anything. It reads a bit like a recent college grad's blog, with better pictures. All this is to say I'm deeply jealous that I have yet to wrangle my own publishing deal for this sort of thing. That said, it's much, much better than anything Lauren Conrad's written, so let's just call this a win for Pippa.

    2. Who hasn't heard of the Middletons by now? I have been a fan of Kate years before the royal wedding, I grow to like her a lot during the breakup, she seemed strong and her family seemed warm, her sister Pippa always by her side.So When Pippa got world recognition and some people even said they prefer her I was surprised but it's expected, these girls are special. Prince William had to put a ring on it!Pippa writes in the first sentence of this book: "It's a bit startling to achieve global recogn [...]

    3. Having heard some really negative reviews, I wanted to see for myself what this book is all about. I expected to see a lot of royal family pictures eating at the Middleton house or something of the sort, yet Pippa focused primarily on her friends. Her recipes are simple which is perfect for me, who is a so-so cook. I also learned about some new traditions such as the Burns night. I have already made several of her recipes from scratch and they came out great. She's not pretentious in her book an [...]

    4. Browsed this book out of curiosity and surprised myself by buying it. Celebrate is a combination of well-thought out recipes, crafts and ideas for family fun. It is set with some of the best illustrations and photos I've seen in a book of this genre. Not being British, I was charmed by customs and recipes which were unfamiliar. Some will be added to our own family traditions. One I will try this holiday season is Stir-up Sunday. The book set- up is easy to follow,and centres around the seasons a [...]

    5. Oh Pippa! How I long to entertain just like you!Finally, I have found a beautiful entertaining book complete with THEMES, decor, activities, and games to accompany recipes. I am in love! I highly recommend this masterpiece. I also recommend my husband buying it for me (from the kids) for Mother's Day. Hint hint

    6. 3.5. Admittedly, I had two reasons for buying this book. First, I love books about entertaining and cooking. I especially like them when they're really pretty books filled with pictures for some visual inspiration. Second, being that I am fascinated by all things British and especially royal things, I was interested to see what the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, would write about. Before this book, I did not know much about Middleton besides the fact that she dresses really well [...]

    7. I must admit I purchased this book due to sheer curiosity based on all the negative reviews it has received, and also due to a small fascination with the Royal family. After reading it, I am extremely glad I did! I am very surprised with all the negativity surrounding this book. Yes, some details and tips are rather simple, but also perfect for a first time host or hostess. The book itself is beautiful. Full of stunning photographs and images. Pippa's writing style is very enjoyable and carefree [...]

    8. From what I remember, the critics ripped this book to shreds. Sour grapes, I think. Fair enough, Pippa Middleton no doubt only got a book deal because of who she is - but what was she supposed to do? Turn down the opportunity? I really enjoyed 'Celebrate'. It's split into 4 sections, namely the seasons of the year and gives entertaining ideas for the special events/festivals in each - recipes, games, craft activities, table decorations etc. An inspirational, 'feel-good' book full of great ideas [...]

    9. I have to admit, I picked this book up more out of curiosity after seeing comments on how bad it was. I mean, there was even a spoof twitter account that was kind of hilarious. I was not expecting to actually like the book! See what happens when you judge a book by its fake twitter account?! Anyway, a beautiful book on British traditions. Quite a few recipes I bookmarked, a few ideas I'd love to do for my own parties, and overall a lovely, colorful book.

    10. I was curious and wanted to see what all the hype was about. Her family event business has served her well with many creative ideas and recipes listed. The pictures are candid and detailed. Fun, playful and full of colour.

    11. Perhaps I'm alone here but this book could have been terrible/awful and I was pleasantly surprised. I plan to check it out again for birthday celebrations and camping trips. The book lacks focus but has cool ideas for seasonal drinks, kid's games and recipes. A winner.

    12. Wishy-Washy kinda Martha Stewart book. Interesting learning some new holiday's across the pond. Made the Carrot & Walnut cake.ry good!

    13. 793.2 M584Pippa Middleton, of course, is Princess Kate’s younger sister, so you might think this is nothing but a celebrity book. However, the family business is a party-supplier, and she has significant experience organizing events for a London based events company. The book is divided seasonally, starting with Autumn, and covers ordinary things such as lunches and supper parties, along with sections on the larger holidays of each season. There are ideas on decorating, invitations, foods to s [...]

    14. This book is absolutely gorgeous. Full of beautiful pictures (seriously, I can't even fathom how much work went into staging all the different parties and scenes) and encompassing nearly every celebratory event one could think of. I enjoyed reading it so much, but Pippa's style of entertaining is a little more traditional than mine, so I'm not sure how much of the book I necessarily found useful. It could be the whole American/British thing, but the food definitely felt more on the stuffy side i [...]

    15. We're not reinventing the wheel here: Middleton ( yes, the sister of THAT Middleton) covers a lot of basic ground. It's a thick tome, but don't let that fool you - there's a lot of "filler" in there (ex. we're told to take a blanket to a picnic). Nevertheless, it's a great gift for graduations and bridal showers, a sit makes a great starter for hostessing, cooking, and having an all-around good time. Plus, there are some decent recipes - and fun British festivities (Burns Night!). Overall, I qui [...]

    16. The best use for this book is to press flowers or leaves sandwiched in waxed paper between its pages. It is pretty hefty.If you happen to be an up-scale urbanite or typically vacation at Martha's Vineyard you might find this book useful for its recipes and suggestions. Even then, it seems there is a choice to make. Either prepare these meals and parties OR be a wife mom. The other choice is Be a wife mom OR hire someone to prepare these meals and parties.As for my small-town Idaho library having [...]

    17. Good for someone just starting out. Lots of fun ideas and useful tips to go with her themes. The book didn't strike me as very original though. Maybe she was going for a more classic approach to party planning than a fab one that will fade with time? Before this book was due back to the library I tried out the Millionaire's Shortbread. It was easy, very tasty and gone within days. I plan to add this to my gift list as it was enjoyable to look at and read through.

    18. I borrowed this from the local library out of curiosity.I have heard that people are making great fun of this book, but it's quite acceptable for what it is. Having said that, I think the editor really let Pippa down. The same words are used too often in a paragraph, sentences run on, and mundane well-worn ideas are given the same weight as unique ideas. It could have been so much better.

    19. I know everyone's making fun of this book. And don't get me wrong, it's rather unoriginal. I gave it 3 stars because I'm not the type who has mastered these basics and is ready to up the ante on making festive occasions even more high maintenance. The photography and layout were lovely to see in a book for people trying to practice the basics.

    20. Unlike most entertaining/cookbooks I actually read this cover to cover. It's a wonderful resource with excellent ideas for crafts, events, decorating, food, drinks and traditions. The recipes seem to be straight forward and easy and I plan to try the majority of them. The writing is engaging and seems welcoming and open. I really loved this book and am glad I finally bought it.

    21. I know this book was completely panned by critics, but it's not that bad for a book on entertaining. Good recipes, fun games, cute decor ideas. I enjoyed it, and I'm sure I picked up a few ideas to try out, and definitely a few recipes. Entertaining and being a good host is sort of a lost art these days.

    22. I liked what I read of this book, but there was just too much of it to read in one go, or even just to flip through. It's beautifully done, and I could see looking at it for inspiration if I had a specific holiday or celebration in mind, but alas, it was a library book.

    23. Interesting browsing. Of course, picked it up due to her name, not bad as I'm an American and the target market is clearly British people. Didn't try any of the recipes, not that I'm a great cook anyway, but there you have it, a take-it or leave-it title for me.

    24. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It goes into detail about how to plan parties and events for almost any occasion. I especially liked the Burns night planning. It includes plenty if recipes too.

    25. I just paged through this one to see what Pippa Middleton wrote about. Beautiful pictures and nice ideas for English craft/food traditions. I do find it hard to believe that she put all this together on her own, without any help from other people.

    26. Because I am a Martha Stewart fan, I found this a little like family fun magazine meets style at home . Some cute ideas which could go either way. I do like her style And can't wait to see how she grows from here.

    27. It is a lovely book and if you want a general reference for yearly festivities it could be handy having this in the cupboard for some lovely ideas. It wasn't too fussy and immaculate like a Martha Stewart, more of a planning guide for the year.

    28. Nicely done British holiday ideas books. Really appealing but common recipes. The gem for me: learning about Burns Night, the Scottish holiday to celebrate the poet. Didn't know about it but what fun! To try: recipe for millionaire's shortbread.

    29. Definitely more of a borrow from the library type of book. I did look at it from cover to cover but lots of the ideas seemed dated and I don't need any recipes for fish pies But some of the drink recipes were quite inspiring!!

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