Fifty Shades of Mr Darcy: A Parody

Fifty Shades of Mr Darcy A Parody A hilarious parody of an erotic bestseller and a romantic classic those wanting a little naughtiness in their lives should prepare themselves for Mr Darcy s Blue Broom Cupboard of Seriously Kinky Sh t

  • Title: Fifty Shades of Mr Darcy: A Parody
  • Author: William Codpiece Thwackery
  • ISBN: 9781843179962
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hilarious parody of an erotic bestseller and a romantic classic those wanting a little naughtiness in their lives should prepare themselves for Mr Darcy s Blue Broom Cupboard of Seriously Kinky Sh t Lizzy Steele had been brought up to be a proper lady with perfect manners, skilled in conversation, and well respected in the community But when Mr Elliot Bingley comes toA hilarious parody of an erotic bestseller and a romantic classic those wanting a little naughtiness in their lives should prepare themselves for Mr Darcy s Blue Broom Cupboard of Seriously Kinky Sh t Lizzy Steele had been brought up to be a proper lady with perfect manners, skilled in conversation, and well respected in the community But when Mr Elliot Bingley comes to court Lizzy s sister, she is given the opportunity to learn a somewhat different skill set upon her introduction to his friend, a Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy It only takes one chance meeting with this tall, dark stranger for Lizzy to be lured into Darcy s secret world of lascivious practices and lusty urges Drawn like a moth to his flame, Lizzy is the mistress of her own undoing, for Darcy has made no protestations of love indeed, his intentions were made plain from the outset But even the most innocent and well brought up of young ladies have urges, and as Lizzy learns that a riding crop isn t just used for going for a canter on her pony, a whole new world is revealed to her shaded black and leather clad.

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    1. "It is a truth universaly acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good riding crop must be in want of a pair of bare buttocks to thrash."This was the funniest book I have EVER read! I don't remember laughing so much that I cried (several times), and burst out with shocked laughter (practically at every page)! First I have to say - Pride and Prejudice, fell in love with the story when I first saw the mini-series from 1995ed it about a million times. Read the book more times than I can [...]

    2. My friend LOVES Pride & Prejudice.I HATE Pride & Prejudice.My friend HATES Fifty Shades of Grey.I LOVE Fifty Shades Of Grey.She was mean to me last week.It pissed me off.I found this book today.I read it and loved it.That pissed her off.And now I am sending her a copy.It's her birthday tomorrow.Oh. Revenge can be so sweet. So Sweet.

    3. This book. This book. Whoever wrote this was either bored or high as a kite. Maybe both.I'm giving it 3 stars for the entertainment factor. I was laughing throughout the first half of the book, but somewhere in the middle of the second half, it kind of got old for me. But anyway, since it made me laugh hysterically, the 3 stars remain. As the title says, this book is a parody. The author laid it on thick. The book mostly made fun of Fifty Shades of Grey and the romance genre in general, so if yo [...]

    4. If you love P&P and hate FSoG (or are repelled at the thought of reading it, or even just find it all a bit ridiculous), you will love this. It pokes fun at FSoG, mixing the two plots together, pointing out the laziness of the author of FSoG in regards to spelling, grammar, imagination. The S&M scenes of FSoG are pretty dull and just weird most of the time In one S&M scene in FSoMD, Darcy is spanking Elizabeth with a toothbrush, a pencil and then a parsnip and Elizabeth is a bit unde [...]

    5. Should I start laughing? Should I start pulling my hair? Should I start crying for my wasted time? WTF, SERIOUSLY? (my apologies to the Gods of Inspiration and Writing and to all patrons of authors, as I don't like condemning any kind of books!)This book should have been titled "50 Shades of F*cked up Books"!!!3 stars for the idea of blending two of my favourite books! But in the effort to make the reader laugh - oh, yes, I did laugh! many times at my expense for choosing this book!- the author [...]

    6. "Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy" is described as "A titillating mash-up of an erotic bestseller and a romantic classic, peppered with puns." As an unabashed reader of anything Jane Austen or "Pride & Prejudice" as well as a blushing, shameless fan of E. L. James' "Fifty Shades of Grey", I confess, my curiosity was piqued. How could it not? In a literary world of sequels, prequels and what ifs, it was but a foregone conclusion that someone would lampoon these two bestsellers together. Contrived by [...]

    7. This is an amusing parody of Pride and Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Gray. Like most parodies, a little goes a long way, but there are some very entertaining passages. I particularly liked this bit:"From the very beginning, from the first moment, I may almost say, of my acquaintance with you, your manners impressed me with the fullest belief of your sex mania, your arrogance, and your verging-on-stalkerish behaviour. I have recognised you as an overgrown public schoolboy with a penis fixation. W [...]

    8. 5 holy smokin’ stars!I finished this some weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to write a review, or learn to gif, so here goesA very enjoyable read! I went in expecting it to be funny, silly, and entertaining What I didn’t really expect was to enjoy the writing so much between all the puns and piss taking – there are these explosions of wonderful prose throughout. The author has worked in plenty of creative (and sometimes bizarre) ideas to expand on what would otherwise have been the too [...]

    9. 2.5 stars This, being a parody implies the previous reading of the book being parodied to get the full enjoyment out of it. Caveat: if you haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey (you are so lucky) DO NOT read it just so you can read this book.As a parody it's quite funny. But it does not justify reading Fifty Shades of Grey (but then again, what does?).I've read plenty of Twilight parodies (some incredibly funny!) and one could say Fifty Shades of Grey is, in itself, a Twilight parody - the other opt [...]

    10. Most of us love a good parody as much as the next person, but when the parody is making fun of two mainstays of popular reading at the same time the result is just fictional gold. Fifty Shade of Mr. Darcy (Pocket Star) manages to take on the recent widely popular erotica title and the work of Jane Austen in one tongue-in-cheek swoop.Unfortunately, parodies still have to bring something original to the page, and both Fifty Shades and Pride & Prejudice have been taken on in so many different w [...]

    11. I could probably point out many faults with this book but I'm stuck in bed really sick over Christmas and I've found something to cheer me up. It gets 4 stars alone for having Elizabeth Bennet use the words 'kinky fuckery'!! As the title suggests, it's a parody of the unfathomably popular Fifty Shades books. It's merciless in its mockery of the trite pushed out by E.L. James yet appears loving towards the original Austen characters, even going so far as to suggest that women have taken a step ba [...]

    12. Sou fã de Orgulho e Preconceito, pelo que qualquer título que esteja relacionado atraí-me.Mas este livro é tão mau, tão mau, tão mau, que nunca deveria ter sido permitido a sua associação ao clássico. Nem tão pouco a sua associação à trilogia de E. L. James.Resumindo, sobre este livro só tenho uma coisa a dizer, algo que eu nunca pensei dizer sobre um livro: um completo desperdício de dinheiro!!!!

    13. How can I NOT read a book by William Codpiece Thwackery? Hilarious but now I want to read Northwanger Abbey and Mansfield Pork. Alas, it is not to be.

    14. What can I say, this book was amazing. Combining my love for Pride and Prejudice with my aversion to Fifty Shades? I feel like this was written for me. I laughed so much while reading this. Ugh, I loved it. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting. At first I was all:But then I was kind of like:This is a decidedly unsexy book. I can only hope the things I've read don't creep in the next time I read or watch Pride and Prejudice. Except the Mr. Collins dinner bit. That one should have happened in [...]

    15. Came across this on Tumblr and I'm really curious. It looks hilarious! Very meta, which is definitely my thing. I might not read it if it's not available in an ebook, though for obvious reasons

    16. The only way I can justify reading this book is because I needed something to get my mind off the daily problems. This book is beyond stupid and it's only good for a laugh. Obviously that's what the author was aiming for, but I think they could've done it differently.

    17. You remember how you felt when you were 5 years old and someone farted or started talking about poop? Yea, it's one of those books. lol Review to come.

    18. My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2013/03When Elizabeth Bennet first meets the grey-eyed Fitzwilliam Darcy, she has no knowledge of the kinky world he will soon draw her into. A world where the rules of society are thrown to the wind and leather hotpants-wearing billionaires wield vegetables as floggers with varying degrees of success. Yet even as she falls deeper under Mr. Darcy’s spell, Lizzy wonders if she can reach the man beneath the sex-addict exterior and show him the t [...]

    19. "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good riding crop must be in want of a pair of bare buttocks to thrash.” – That is the first sentence in the book.I laughed. Pretty hard. Also, at some points I just cried a little bit inside (for the future of good literature).Admittedly I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey (nor do I ever plan on it) but I think I've been exposed to enough of it that I could enjoy a parody especially when it's mixed with one of my [...]

    20. When I spotted this in WHSmiths my first thought was how on earth was it going to work on Pride and Prejudice. I have to say I was completely shocked with what I was reading when I started. I didn't know whether to be horrified or to laugh, but the more I read I just could not stop laughing to the point where I had tears running down my cheeks constantly. I am still, a day later, shocked. I don't even know where to start. But I suppose it would make sense to start with how the author changed the [...]

    21. As Cinquenta Sombras de Mr. Darcy mistura cenas e personagens de dois romances bem diferentes: Orgulho e Preconceito de Jane Austen e As Cinquenta Sombras de Grey de E. L. James. Sem dúvida que tal conjectura nos leva a desenvolver alguma curiosidade pelo livro…mas, no meu caso, só me posso autocensurar pela minha abelhudice!Sem subtileza alguma, pouca perspicácia e sem qualquer coerência a narrativa vai de idiótica a ridícula. Este livro é uma crítica aberta à trilogia de E. L. James [...]

    22. I've not even read Fifty Shades of Grey (and nor do I intend to) and I found this hilarious. It does a great job of taking what is absolutely ridiculous about the parent text (which is quite a lot by all accounts) and then strips it of all pretence to romance and sexiness. Unsubtle double entendres and school-boy humour abound, but this only adds to the value of the parody. Oh and who would have thought a whole slew of Phil Collins jokes could be so funnyA couple of choice quotes:"Mr Darcy had m [...]

    23. At the beginning I was really like:"what is this shit?" Then, slowly the book became very very funny, specially if you've read both "Pride&Prejudice" and "50 shades", the irony was sometimes crass but in the end I couldn't stop laughing.All'inizio mi sono veramente chiesta chi me l'aveva fatto fare, poi, piano piano, il libro diventa divertente, specialmente per chi ha letto "Orgoglio e pregiudizio" e "50 sfumature" in tutte le sue variazioni, caustico e a volte eccessivo sicuramente, ma all [...]

    24. Fifty Shades of Grey with the Syd James Treatment. All a bit carry-on oooh errr " have you got a large one " raised eyebrows etc. The author Codpiece Thwackery is probably in negotiations with Elstree Studios for the film version " Carry On Fu***ng".Follows Pride & Prejudice sequence of events with a total re write of pretty much everythng they say and do.Very naughty little book, you'll either love it or hate it.

    25. Note: I received this book from NetgalleyThere was some hilarious parts running throughout the whole thing and it was an inventive use of characterization. I found the book hard to get through and I wanted to skip over parts, it just did not keep my interest. It was an enjoyable one time read but not one that I will be repeating. Also on lrjohnson13/2012/

    26. It took me a while to get into this. For the first 2/3rd I found it a bit ho-hum with occasional paragraphs that made me smirk (Mr Collins - LOL). But then either the book really got warmed up or my mind finally clicked into it, and I found the last 1/3rd so ridiculous that it was thoroughly enjoyable. This book does provide the answers as to what "Fifty Shades" is really all about. LOL.

    27. The 6 or so pages I read in this book before I just could no longer keep reading were just so horrible, I was literally disgusted. And not from the fifty-shades aspect of the book, but rather from the horrible writing, the way the author portrayed these iconic characters and just the overall story. It doesn't even deserve 1 star.

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